Bypassing CSRF token protection by abusing a misconfigured CORS policy


Brief explanation of SOP, CORS and CSRF (skip if you know already)

Same-Origin Policy (SOP)

  • JavaScript on Site A from reading the cookies of Site B.
  • JavaScript on Site A from reading the content of Site B.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

  • A relevant action
  • Cookie-based session handling (no other auth method is used so cookies are sent)
  • No unpredictable request parameters: the attacker doesn’t have to guess any values. For example, when causing a user to change its password, the function is not vulnerable if an attacker needs to know the value of the current password. (A valid action would be changing the account’s email to one that the attacker controls).

Understanding our target before the attack

main page
Registration as user/user
Login request. Not important
Logged in and Change Password page
CSRF token in html form
Change password request
Change password response
Change password request testing CORS vuln
Change password response testing CORS vuln

The Attack

Exploit: Part 1

Exploit: Part 2

Wrapping everything up!

Complete attack requests
2nd request. CSRF Token extraction request
2nd Request Response. CSRF Token extraction response
3rd Request. Actual CSRF attack with the token included and the password we chose!! ACCOUNT TAKEOVER

Final words




Security Researcher | Bug Hunter @LihaftSec

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Security Researcher | Bug Hunter @LihaftSec

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